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Shall we play a game?

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We are thrilled to invite you to this month's Monthly Gaythering- "Shall we Play a game" (不如一齊玩個遊戲丫?), an interactive art exhibition in Child Sexual Abuse, hosted by 480.0 Gender & Art Space provides a safe space for us to explore the impact of child sexual abuse and consider its intersection with gender and sexuality.

Through interactive play and reflection, we can deepen our understanding of these issues and connect with one another as a community. Join us for this unique and thought-provoking experience.

Date: 25/3 (Sat)
Time: 2-3:30pm
Language: Cantonese supplemented with English
Venue: 480.0 Gender & Art Space
Address: 1A, Tougha Mansion, Yau Ma Tei
Registration Fee: $50 (Full refund after event attendance)
*Participants are required to write a reflection of 50-100 words afterwards for ACSVAW's record.
Quota: 16 (first come first served)

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