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Safe Sex Campaign

Partnering with HK AIDS Foundation, the three-day Safe Sex Campaign included a Safe Sex Activity Booth, a Condom DIY Workshop, and a Constructive Sex Dialogue Workshop. This campaign aims to raise students’ awareness on taboo topics such as the use of condoms and sex toys, myths about AIDS, and ways to communicate our sexual needs. 

QSAHK booths_edited.jpg

Booths @HKU

QSA has been holding booths on campus and with different partnering organizations (Pride Bazaar, Pride Market) to promote and provide information on the LGBTQ+ community. We aim to spread the idea of equality and diversity with our LGBTQ+ friends and passersby. Come check out our booth next time and get yourself some very or subtly gay souvenirs!


Movie Screenings

QSA partnered with HKU and the Global Diversity Team to host a series of movie screenings, including the iconic documentary Paris is Burning. Through relaying LGBTQ+ stories through the screen and insightful post-screening discussions, we increase visibility of queer people, and stimulate reflection on topics such as issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community and the depiction of queer characters on screen. 

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