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Art Jam

July 16, 2023

Art Jam

SA Monthly Gaythering hosts recurring monthly events to bring together LGBTQ+ and allies in Hong Kong tertiary institutions in a welcoming and inclusive space to socialize and celebrate their identities. It serves as a platform for fostering community, supporting networks, and empowering within the LGBTQ+ community.

🌈 Join us for a colorful QSA Monthly Gaythering - July 2023 Art Jamming edition! QSA presents a night of creativity, self-expression, and community with art therapy. 🧑‍🎨✨

Art jamming has been shown to improve emotional well-being by reducing stress levels, enhancing mood, and promoting relaxation. By providing a platform for individuals to explore their inner selves and communicate personal narratives, it facilitates self-reflection and a sense of empowerment. 💛🌻

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