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Back-to-School Parties

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Back-to-school parties are held at the beginning of every semester, providing a friendly environment for LGBTQ+ university students and allies to meet new friends and party with like-minded people. The nights include drinks, games, lucky draws, drag shows and more.


Queer Graduation Day


This July 2022, we were in partnership with Eaton HK, Gay Games Hong Kong and Quarks to host the first-ever Queer Graduation Day in HK. LGBTQ+ graduates from various secondary schools, universities and institutions showed up in uniforms, gowns, costumes and so on to celebrate their queer identities in their most comfortable selves.

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Virtual Gayme Nights

It is hard to meet friends and socialize when courses are on Zoom and COVID restrictions are tight. Thanks to all the online games available, we can still have fun and giggle with LGBTQ+ friendly people through the screen. Join our discord so you don't miss any of our game nights!

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